When our CEO, Eamon Eastwood, moved from Ireland to Sydney almost two decades ago, his devoted Mam would mail care packages of his favorite Irish foods to quell his homesickness (yes, he was spoiled by his Mammy!). Eamon and his new Aussie friends looked forward to these packages so much, it wasn’t long before a plan for Taste Ireland was hatched. 

Now the largest distributor of Irish and UK food brands in the Southern Hemisphere, Taste Ireland supplies both of Australia’s major supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, with Ireland’s most-loved foodsAlong with an extensive online store, we service the huge Irish pub channel here in Australia, plus countless convenience and grocery outlets across the country. 

Born and raised in the Emerald Isle, we know all too well the comfort and nostalgia that comes from the classic tastes of home. A bag of crispy Taytos, a heartwarming cup of Barry’s Tea or the unmistakable tang of Ballymaloe Relish, when you’re miles away, can feel like a big hug from your MamWe also love that it’s now possible to follow traditional Irish recipes here, just as they are, with respected products from Chef, McDonnells and Kerrygold. Our booming online business stocks more than 200 of the best Irish brands – anyone can simply add-to-cart. 

In Australia’s fast-paced food scene, we know it’s not just Irish expats who are loving easy access to our chosen brands. Our strong relations with the Irish Food Board (Bord Bia), plus innovative and export-focused companies in greater Europe, mean we’re constantly expanding our reach to share the unique tastes of Ireland and the UK with the world.  

From 2002, Taste Ireland has been growing into the efficient, sophisticated supplier it is today. We work with renowned shipping company DHL from our distribution centre, which is located 5 minutes from Sydney Airport and Botany’s seaport. Our extensive team of executives specialise in everything from finance to logistics to social media management. In good company, our trusted board of advisors represents other large corporates such as Intel, Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s.  

We look forward to sharing that special warmth and magic of Irish cuisine with you for many more years to come.