Christmas Biscuits

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Jacob's Elite Choc Kimberley TinJacob's Elite Choc Kimberley Tin
Jacob's Gingernut 200g
Bolands Tea Cakes 150g
Jacobs Afternoon Tea Tin 1kg
Jacob's USA Biscuit Tin 1kg
Jacob's Merry Mallows Chocolate Carton 400g
Jacob's Elite Chocolate Mikado Tin 616g
McVitie's Ginger Nuts 250g
Fox's Jam 'n' Creams 150g
Jacob's Elite Caramel Mikado 600gJacob's Elite Caramel Mikado 600g
Cadbury Fingers Chocolate Biscuits 114g
Fox's Rocky Caramel 8pk
Mcvities Hobnobs 300g
Jacob's Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes Tin 600gJacob's Elite Chocolate Tea Cakes Tin 600g
Cadbury Chocolicious 110g
Mars Maltesers Biscuits 110g
McVities Penguin Mini Biscuits 6 x 19g
Lyons Viscount Mint  98g
Cadbury Snowy Fingers 119g
O'Neill's Sheep Shaped Shortbread 80g
Jacob's Chocolate Collection 350g
Fox's Rocky Chocolate 8 Pack
McVities Gold Bars 8 Pack 142g
Cadbury Orange Fingers 114g
Lismore Shortbread Orange & Dark Chocolate 150g
Dean's All butter shortbread Fingers 150g
Jacobs Chive Crispbreads 190g
Lismore Shortbread Lemon Polenta 150g
Jacobs Mixed Grain Crispbread 190g
Hassetts Bakery Irish Shortbread Biscuits 160g
Lismore Caraway Seed with Irish Seaweed 150g

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