What's your Celtic Star Sign?

With NASA recently announcing that there was a 13th star sign, and throwing many astrology enthusiasts into disarray, we took the time to go back in time, and revisit Celtic tree astrology.


Celtic tree astrology is based on the ancient idea that our time of birth is pivotal to the formation of our personality and behaviour. But when the Druids devised their astrology charts, they didn’t use constellations like other cultures. Instead, their symbols were trees. The druids had a profound connection with trees and believed they were vessels of infinite wisdom.

Each Celtic Zodiac Sign corresponds to a given tree, a letter of the Ogham alphabet, a Guardian Animal, a Celtic God, and other items such as Gemstones.

Find your Celtic Zodiac

Date Tree Nickname Attributes Animal Gemstone
Dec 24 - Jan 20 Birch The Achiever You are driven motivate others with your passion for many subjects and have ambition to die for. Golden Eagle, White Stag Rock Crystal
Jan 21 - Feb 17 Rowan The Thinker You are a progressive thinker, artistic and original. Rowans are keen visionaries, with high ideals. Green Dragon Peridot
Feb 18 - March 17 Ash The Enchanter You are a free thinker and naturally artistic, have a wild imagination and are very intuitive. You are spontaneous but also sometimes like to withdraw. Seal, Seahorse, Seagull Coral
March 18 - April 14 Alder The Traliblazer You will blaze a trail before anyone else with a burning passion. Bear, Fox, Hawk Ruby
April 15 - May 12 Willow The Observer You are creative, intuitive, and super-smart in all the right ways. You are excellent at retaining knowledge and often impress people around you. Adder, Hare, Sea Serpent Moonstone
May 13 - June 9 Hawthorn The Illusionist You are good at making yourself content and also making others content around you. You are naturally curious and a great listener. Bee, Owl Topaz
June 10 - July 7 Oak The Stabiliser You are a protector of people who cannot find their voice. You are a gentle giant with confidence and with a positivity that flows over all who are with you. Wren, Otter, White Horse Diamond
July 8 - August 4 Holly The Ruler You are noble and often take on positions of high status and leadership. Holly signs take on challenges without a second thought. Cat, Unicorn Carnelian
August 5 - September 1 Hazel The Knower The overlord of knowledge and the best kind of employee, you excel in the classroom and in academic situations. Crane, Salmon Amethyst
September 2 - September 29 Vine The Equaliser Vine signs are born within the autumnal equinox. This makes your personality both changeable and unpredictable. Lizard, Hound, White Swan Emerald
September 30 - October 27 Ivy The Survivor You are very charming and intensely magnetic. You can also be restless and flighty. You are optimistic and attract partners easily. Boar, Butterfly, Goose Opal
October 28 - November 24 Reed The Leader You have great strength of character and rarely compromise. You also love stories and prefer historical sagas over other types of literature. Hound, Owl Jasper
November 25 - December 25 Elder The Scholar You love freedom and live in the fast lane. You are outspoken and don't try to hide or edit your views about life. You refuse to be pressed by other people into anything. Badger, Black Horse, Raven Jet
What's your Celtic Zodiac?

Which Zodiac are you? Do you agree or disagree?