Irish Fry

Ireland is known for it's hearty style breakfast, unrivalled in the world. An Irish Fry is something often quoted as one of the most missed things about Ireland.

But what exactly is an Irish fry, and how can we recreate it, on the other side of the world?

Disclaimer: you will be craving an Irish fry after reading this post.

To start

The traditional basic fry may start with rashers, sausages and fried eggs, but there are some important notes in here to make sure you master an Irish version:

  • Rashers - also known as bacon (to outsiders) - make sure to avoid streaky bacon, you need back bacon
  • Sausages - do not make the rookie error and pick up beef sausages. A key element to an Irish fry are pork sausages. Coles and Woolies stock these type, but you can also ask your local butcher.
  • Fried eggs - don't forget to ask your audience do they like them runny or cooked through
  • Tomato - ideally grilled
  • Beans - a key addition, brings it all together

The most important thing to note when building your fry, is that you must include two of each item - no single serves allowed!

An Irish Fry

Regional flair

Being Irish, there's never a one-size-fits all approach, an Irish fry means different things to different people.

Here's a few common regional differences:

  • Potato bread: mostly used around Cavan - this is the perfect addition to soak up all the juices
  • Boxty: usually seen in the North-West - similar to Potato bread but more like a pancake
  • Pudding: beginning as an additional found in Cork, black and white pudding has since become a key part of an Irish Fry, with many arguing that it is in fact a key element

Final Touches

It's here we find what really makes an Irish fry Irish:

  • Bread: If you want to go the full monty, you want to serve Irish soda bread with your breakfast.
  • Sauces: Key to your fry is what you dip it in! The top 3 options here are: Chef Ketchup (or red sauce), Chef Brown Sauce, or Ballymaloe County Relish.
  • To drink: it is essential to down this hearty meal with a cup of Barry's Tea