The History of Bewleys

A true Dublin gem - in it's finest form. Explore the history and legacy of a family rooted in Irish food, Irish culture and Irish tradition.

We must give applause to the family who brought tea to Ireland.

In 1835, Samuel Bewley and his son Charles imported 2,099 chests of tea directly from Canton in China to Dublin. Five years later their family member Joshua Bewley embarked on an innovative and revolutionary business journey establishing a tea shop named: the "China Tea Company".

In 1894 the first Bewleys cafe is opened on Georges Street, Dublin. This store sold tea, and was the first to roast coffee in-store.

Thinking of expansion, in 1903 Joshua's son, Ernest Bewley imports the first Jersey cows into Ireland from Jersey Island, to supply the growing demand for good quality milk and cream for his cafés and bakery in Dublin.

As momentum grew, so did demand. In 1927 Ernest Bewley opens Bewley's Grafton Street Café, complete with the world renowned Harry Clarke stained-glass windows.

Looking into the future, in 1932 Victor Bewley (Ernest's son) becomes Managing Director of Bewley's, building it into a much loved Dublin institution over the next forty years.

We since have known Bewleys as an institution for Irish tea and coffee, great memories and Irish spirit.

Bewleys sell it's tea and roasted coffee to marketing globally such as the US, UK and Australia.