Irish Curry Night

Irish curry is often quoted as one of the most homely, tastiest Irish foods. The Taste Team often get asked, 'how can I make it just like home?'. Our recommendation, simple: Erin's Irish Curry Sachets. To make Irish style curry, you only have to add water. This Irish curry has no MSG as is easy as - perfect for mid-week dinners.

Here's our 4 suggestions for your curry:

The Classic

As easy as pie - chicken, curry sauce and rice. Use leftovers to make this quick and easy dinner. Depending on your taste - you can add veggies - carrots and onions are our favourites, but you can be more exotic.

Depending on how healthy you're feeling you can mix and match with rice and chips, or go for an Irish 3-in-1!

Japanese Style

If you are feeling more exotic, you can have your curry, Japanese style. What's involved? Simple, add breaded fried chicken (as opposed to plain chicken.


  1. Place your chicken between cling film - wrap it around, on the bottom and top. Get a rolling pin and pound the chicken, once complete at it's thickest the breast should be an inch thick.
  2. Creating the Katsu - for best results use Buttermilk and Panko Breadcrumbs. Pour 1/2 cup of buttermilk in a bowl, and soak the chicken in it. On a tray place the breadcrumbs. Move the soaked chicken into the breadcrumbs and coat.
  3. Cooking - pour 1/2 inch of oil into a frying pan (an air fryer or deep fat fryer is easier here). Cooking for 10mins until golden on the outside.
  4. Serve with rice and Irish curry sauce.

The Full Irish

In true Irish style, you can also have your curry as a stew. Serve with mashed potatoes, add some veggies (they are good for you).

You can't deny that a true Irish curry comes with spuds!

Dip and Dunk

If you want something lighter, make your curry sauce and serve with whatever you fancy - chicken goujons, veg, chips - the choices are endless!