New York Times Gobshite

This week, we're lolling a lot about the prestigious New York Times using the word 'Gobshite' for the first time ever... at long last we say!

This historic event for Irish slang and jargon was noted by the Twitter bot New New York Times (@NYT_first_said), which tracks the words used for the very first time in the paper.

This news was well received by honourable Irish folk across the globe, not to mention comedian Dara O'Briain was quick to call out that it's time the world is introduced to another Irish language delicacy.

But why?

Our favourite Irish word made it's first global appearance in an excerpt from a Roddy Doyle novel, called Love. The exact line reads:

"A gobshite, by the way."

How poetic.

To celebrate this fine day for Irish language and culture, we wanted to revisit the first time 'Gobshite' went international, in the famous Father Ted clip:
Father Ted - Gobshite

What are your favourite Irish slang words? Let us know in the comments below!