GAA or Gucci?

We've all been swooning over recent Normal People's, Paul Mescal's style in the acclaimed series.

If you missed it, actor Paul Mescal plays Connell Waldron - a typical Irish 'lad' - local GAA star, works in Centra, goes to uni in Trinity... and has his communication issues.

Mescal has become somewhat of a style icon, with his choice of chain gathering a lot of attention from eager fans.

His fashion staple, a sliver chain gained so much attention a savvy Instagrammer set up a fan page for only his chain - @connellschain:

Even better for us, designer label Gucci also picked up on this momentum. They took a liking to Mescal's wearing of the classic GAA short.

Their response?

They are now selling GAA-inspired shorts, retailing at nearly $900!

This only means one thing, it's never been a better time to get the O'Neill's out at the beach.

Send us your snaps lads.